About the ΑquaVET Project

The “Strategic Partnership for the development of a VET course on water efficiency technologies for water technicians” project with the acronym AQUAVET is co-funded by the Community program Erasmus+ 2014, and started on 1st September 2014. It will run for 3 years.

Five partners from Greece, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Spain, have formed a Strategic Partnership to improve the water efficiency technologies skills of the European water industry workforce by promoting long term cooperation of relevant organizations from the world of employment and vocational training.

AQUAVET’S links with European policies on ”GREEN SKILLS” training and environmental skills are seen as a key factor in realizing “The Bruges Communiqué”, the “Vocational education and training for better skills growth and jobs” and the “Agenda for new Skills and Jobs” European policies regarding the transition to a “green” economy, which affects skill needs across different jobs and sectors.

According to a report launched by Cedefop which investigates changing skills needs caused by greening the economy, the availability of skills for “green” jobs plays a crucial role in facilitating timely transitions within the labor market. New occupational profiles and skills constraints are emerging as new “green” products and resources are launched in the market. This calls for quick adaptation and adjustment through specified vocational education and training (VET) solutions.

The project is co-funded by the European Union. This website is an integrated action of the project AQUAVET, as part of the ERASMUS+ Programme. The information provided, reflects the views only of the author, while the European Union and the ERASMUS +Programme cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made.

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