Innovative character of AquaVET project

The AQUAVET project proposes an innovative training VET program that will move further from the existing training solutions for water technicians currently available across Europe:

  • The first innovation is to develop a water efficiency technologies curriculum aimed at introducing a new skill set of combined competences for water technicians and also addressing the fragmented character of the existing training solutions. The resulting curriculum and pedagogical resources will combine:
    1. “hard skills” supporting the technical and digital water efficiency technologies needs; and
    2. “soft skills” regarding environmental, customer consultation and decision making issues related to the management of water efficiency technologies.
  • The second innovation targets the geographical limitations of the existing training solutions for water technicians. It is based on the elaboration of cross-border learning outcomes and the development of a water efficiency technologies curriculum that targets the needs of the European audience of water technicians, thereby addressing the mobility needs of the water supply workforce in Europe today and in the future.

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