PROMEA (Hellenic Society for the Promotion of Research & Development Methodologies)

PROMEA has expertise in the area of exploiting project generated results, delivering training to corporate clients as demonstrated with the commercial exploitation of the Play2Speak learning game (LLP Play2Speak, 2005), and disseminating results to its members and through its long-standing collaborations with private and public organizations (e.g. GALA network).
Additionally, PROMEA has experience in network formation, as demonstrated through its participation in the LUDUS project (South East Europe 2009-2012), where it mapped the stakeholders of the programme area (i.e. the ones that were interested in producing Serious Games Apps) and disseminated the project’s results to over 13,000 individuals.
Established in 2006, PROMEA’s scope of work includes the following areas:

  • Implementation and management of research and training activities
  • Development of know-how and methodologies for managing research & development projects
  • Provision of services in order to improve research capacities in the public and private sector
  • Advancement of teaching and learning methodologies by innovative learning-by-doing methodologies
  • Scientific communications, issuing of press releases and other materials
  • International collaboration and exchange of experience through projects, studies in the field of research and education

The staff and members of PROMEA comprise an interdisciplinary team of researchers, trainers & educators, ICT professionals, consultants, and managerial as well as administrative executives. PROMEA’s thematic focus is on the research, development and maintenance of ICT tools & solutions for the benefit of society and in particular in the fields of education, training and serious game.
PROMEA is a member of the Games and Learning Alliance (GALA,, which is the network of excellence on serious games (i.e. video games that are designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment, but have other, more “serious” purposes such as education and training) funded by the EU in FP7. GALA gathers cutting-edge European Research & Development organizations on serious games involving 31 partners from 14 countries. The partnership involves universities, research centers, developers and education institutions.


PROMEA will be the project coordinator carrying out the administrative and financial management of the project as well as the technical coordination. PROMEA will also develop and deliver the open online course, conduct the impact analysis, support the implementation of the project and contribute in the identification of skills requirements on modern water efficiency technologies and the development of the instructional resources and aids for the trainer.


Contact person: Mr. Ioannis Pappas (Project Officer)
Address: 28 Kosti Palama Str. 154 51, Neo Psychiko Athens, Greece
Telephone: +30 210 6420440

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