WWA (Stichting Wateropleidingen)

WWA is a leading institution providing training services to meet the actual training needs of employees in the water industry, a market which is evolving and constantly changing. WWA constitutes a sustainable training concept with an international character on a practical level. Being a training institute owned by the water sector, the primary goal has always been to teach practical and up-to-date knowledge on all water related issues. Furthermore, working on a non-profit, non-loss basis guarantees a sustainable organization.
WWA was founded in 1993 by the most significant stakeholders in the industry such as the Vewin (Association of water companies in the Netherlands), KVWN (Royal Society for Waterworks Holdings in the Netherlands), KWR and the NVA (Dutch Association of Water) in order to meet the training demands arising from the evolution of the sector and equip professionals and employees with the necessary skills and competences.
WWA develops and organizes training courses for water professionals intended to meet the emerging training needs of employees in the water industry. The courses provided by the Academy are well known for their quality, technical knowledge and actual water know-how, combined with practical experiences and take place on vocational and academic levels. More particularly, WWA offers more than 100 training programs and courses in a wide range of thematic areas including water purification, sewage and urban water, water management and maintenance, health and safety etc. The organization collaborates with approximately 250 professionals from water companies, water and cleansing properties, consulting & engineering firms and institutions, to transfer their knowledge and expertise to interested individuals and employees from the sector. The lecturers and trainers are professionals that work at different levels and in different disciplines (e.g. for drinking water supply companies, water boards, water catchment agencies, engineering consultancies, industries or governmental organizations).
WWA focuses mainly on the design and development of courses, giving more emphasis on the practical application of knowledge so that learners are able to apply the concepts and methods taught in their day-to-day work. As the quality of the training courses provided is of primary importance, WWA works to ISO 9001 certified procedures.


Wateropleidingen will develop and deliver the instructional resources and assessment tools of the program, contribute to the definition of the current training and skills requirements on modern water efficiency technologies, the design of the joint curriculum (and conduct dissemination activities), participate in the development of a Memorandum of Understanding for the common recognition and dissemination of the project’s results, and organize a training pilot in the Netherlands.


Contact person: Mrs Agnes Maenhout (Managing Director)
Address: Groningenhaven 7, 3433 PE Nieuwegein, 3430 BK, Nieuwegein, Netherlands
Telephone: +31 30 6069 400
Fax: +31 30 6069 407
E-mail: agnes.maenhout@wateropleidingen.nl
Website: www.wateropleidingen.nl

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